Incoming Warm-up module helps running Orchard on shared hosting

Tags: orchard, module

Most of us doesn’t have the possibility to run Orchard on his own server machine. Using the shared hosting account is the cheapest and most common way to have your site up and running, but it has lots of drawbacks, especially in terms of performance and first-load (cold-start) response times.  

A while ago I wrote an article on how to boost your Orchard instance cold-start times. Most of the solutions to this issue unfortunately require you to have access to IIS Management Console, which isn’t always possible.

Here comes the Orchard.Warmup module, which will arrive with the incoming Orchard release. As application response times are crucial in terms of UX, this module will allow your site to be responsive even when your AppPool gets recycled! You’d be able to quickly serve your visitors the cached versions of pages you want, until your application loads fully in the background. When that happens, everything returns to normalUĊ›miech

Check out this thread, where Renaud Paquay from The Orchard Team describes the idea in greater detail.


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