Moving to Orchard 1.2 - Impressions

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After a short struggling I managed to successfully move my site to Orchard 1.2. Official release is just around the corner, but couldn’t help myself and built my own from the latest source:)

Until yesterday my site was running on Orchard 1.0. It’s been a while since then and much has changed. That made the transition process a bit more complicated than I previously thought, although was clearly worth it.

First impression

The most stunning impression is performance. The performance gain is tremendous comparing to previous versions, which can be clearly seen at first sight (or better – first page load). The Orchard Team has done a really great job!

From the UI point of view changes (comparing to 1.1) are barely noticeable, but my opinion is surely biased. I’ve been working with recent source code base all the time and just got used to it:) The official release notes (coming soon) would surely be much better source of information about all changes from the latest release.

v1.0 to v1.2 transition process

Orchard docs describe the process very well – I did everything exactly as they say which made the transition pretty easy. I ran into some problems at the modules’ upgrade step, though. Those apply to 1.0 – 1.1 transition too.

  • Some older, enabled features will break when the core code gets upgraded. This issue is related to modules dependent on code touched by breaking changes (e.g. v1.1 replaced string with LocalizedString in MenuItem class which causes the first version of Advanced Menu, targeted to Orchard 1.0, to bomb the 1.2 instance). The solution is to disable such features prior to upgrading Orchard. If you forgot to do that and run into YSOD, you can use the “feature disable” command from Orchard command-line.
  • Some features, previously available as separate modules, has been pushed to the core. If you have the old ones installed you can run into YSOD because of ambiguous class references. I stumbled upon this problem with Iroo.PackageManager, which since v1.1 is available in core Orchard.Packaging module. In this case, just uninstall the old module. Uninstallation has to be done by hand, as described in this thread.


Besides that, everything went perfectly fine and now I’m a happy user of the newest Orchard Team’s creation!

UPDATE (2011/06/15): Orchard 1.2 has just been released!

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