New articles coming soon–roadmap

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Just for your information, this is my article roadmap for the next couple of days/weeks:

  • Using the hierarchical menu about usage and styling of the multi-level menu and the corresponding widgets from the new release (breadcrumbs, submenus and such). I will publish it tomorrow with the next release of the Hierarchical Menu module.
  • How to add settings to your parts and items. This article will tell you how to create and store settings and default values for your content parts and content items. I will write about creating both per-type and per-site global settings.
  • Managing Silverlight content
  • Common problems when developing Orchard modules. Something about the most common obstacles you will surely have to deal with when developing modules. I’ll try to provide solutions, where available.
  • Uncovering the most useful Orchard features. Article about the most useful yet undocumented or not documented well Orchard framework features.
  • Developing complex applications with Orchard. This is a topic for a series of articles about developing something more sophisticated than simple pages and blogs. I’ll go into details of leveraging the Orchard framework features in complex scenarios (intranet sites, e-commerce, messaging and such).

Stay tuned! UĊ›miech


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