New Hierarchical Menu coming soon - features

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I’m working hard to deliver the next release of Hierarchical Menu, which will arrive soon (as the deadline for OMC is nearbyPuszczam oczko). I’d like to list some new features most of which many of you asked for:

  • Custom menusthe ability to create your own menus from Dashboard, in addition to existing, hardcoded ones - “main” and “admin”
  • Pre-filling the menu with existing items – it will allow you to pre-fill the custom menu with existing routable items in one click (and save time). You could further customize the menu (delete, modify items) as you wishUśmiech
  • New, styled and scripted menu widget – in addition to the current plain one. Many of you had problems with proper styling the hierarchy, so I added the pre-configured widget with some GUI-based display customization properties. It’s intended for those of you who don’t want to deal with styling and scripting.
  • Main menu as a widget – the new release will replace the hardcoded main menu with a widget, so you’d be able to customize/remove/replace it from Dashboard.
  • Flexible menu localization – you’d be able to specify the menu item names for different cultures.
  • Menu item visibility – allowing you to state whether the item should be visible/invisible when displaying in menus. This is mainly for breadcrumbs widget purpose so you’d be able to hide item in the menu (to keep menu concise), but make it show in the breadcrumbs path. I’m thinking about this feature right now whether to add it or not. Why? There are some issues:
    • What to do with child items?
    • Would it bring the unnecessary complexity and further problems? This can be achievable by just having two defined menus – one for display (shorter) and one for breadcrumbs (full). I guess this is much cleaner though.
  • Tweaked “Recently seen” widget
    • Restricting the number of items displayed
    • Option to display the number of views
    • Scoping the view counter used – you’d be able to choose one of the following: per-session, per-user and per-site view counters
  • Tweaked “Menu” widget
    • Restricting levels displayed per-widget – as opposed to per-menu atm,
    • Choosing the root node for menu display – you’d be able to select one of the existing items as the display root to restrict the displayed menu to only the subset of the whole (the selected item’s children).

I’d like to thank all of you for a lot of feedback on using the Hierarchical Menu module! It made the feature selection for the upcoming release much easierUśmiech

My special thanks go to: Olin, Skywalker, tobias and John Tarbox for the very elaborate feedback on the subject.


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