Orchard Module Challenge brings promising modules

Tags: orchard, challenge, english

It seems like the Orchard Module Challenge have stimulated the community greatly to create lots of innovative modules! I’m very happy to see modules dealing with things more sophisticated than simple contentUśmiech. Accounting, polls, e-learning, sms gateway, federated auth and such – it’s nice to watch as more and more .NET developers put their efforts (and creativity) in extending Orchard. It also gives a strong argument in discussions, trying to convince new devs that “It’s not only a CMS, it is an application framework”.

But, btw, it also looks like the challenge is going to be a tough fight… so I’ll have to tweak my bits to the limit!Uśmiech

I have a feeling that the future of this framework is even more promising than I thought. Even though some of the .NET devs (like my colleague in the times of Orchard 0,5) may call it “the Dynamics for the poor” (which I strongly disagree) – but I hope not for longUśmiech 


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