Running Orchard on shared hosting

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Trying to run Orchard on shared hosting can run you into many problems. There’s already been a long discussion about that on Orchard discussion board. The main issue noticed is a long Orchard loading time, especially when accessing the site for the first time.

Orchard is a very complex application which needs a lot of preparation stuff at startup. Unfortunately shared hosting providers care the most about site density on their servers and do frequent AppPool restarts so to allow other sites to reuse the server resources. Every AppPool restart forces Orchard to load itself from scratch and do the so-called “cold-start”. Also, on less frequently visited sites the AppPool will be additionally recycled because of long idle times.

There are two approaches to lessen the impact of those on your visitors’ experience (of course if AppPool recycling is the case):

  1. Use ping service to shorten the application idle time. It will ensure that your site is constantly running by pinging the specified URL in specified time periods and will automatically force cold-starts. Some of such services were mentioned in this thread.
  2. Use Application Warm-Up IIS plugin. This is the much better way as long as you have access to your site via IIS Management Console. In my opinion this is a must-have plugin! It ensures the application gets a hot-start even when AppPool gets recycled. Basically it makes your application start before the first request arrives.

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